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    Product introduction
    YF-The facade special hydraulic machine series
    The category :Hydraulic press, (hydraulic press)
    Make no:4060010218
    Gauge:Detailed specification negotiable
    Type no:Detailed
    The product price :negotiable
    YF-The facade special hydraulic machine series

    The machine structure:
    Facade hydraulic press can be divided into two categories, double acting and single acting, mesa of double-action two work at the same time, the pressure is bigger; Single action is a working mesa. General advice above 2600 t choose double-action hydraulic press.
    Airframe adopt three horizontal. Eight column structure. Three beam is made of high quality A3 steel plate welded beam, to deal with the aging of eliminating stress after welding.
    Main features:
    1, appearance design, elegant appearance, stable performance, energy saving province electricity;
    2, the oil cylinder piston as chilled cast iron, the outer cylinder for flange, by adopting the technology of forging, oil cylinder changing oil seal is more convenient, more assured quality.

    Special hydraulic press door frame
    Model: YZW - 800-1000 - t (3000-4500 - mm) hydraulic press is stainless steel open doors, security doors, non-standard doors of metal frame design and color and trim down the preferred equipment.
    1, the equipment to receive strength evenly in the product suppression straight;
    2, oil cylinder is not easy to leak, the advanced design of the hydraulic pressure station, less consumption, pressing pressure is big, can easily suppress iron plate within 2 mm;
    3, easy to operate, save Labour;
    4, loading and unloading mold fast, is advantageous for the frame design and color replacement;
    5, high efficacy, can suppress more than 300 per hour.

    Wipe, tear open boundary river bank inside and outside the door plank of automated assembly line

    Hydraulic combination of punching machine  

    Doorcase knurling machine

    The facade flange forming machine  

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